A little about me

For you to be the best employer. Ever!

Can any HR Consultancy do this? Perhaps.

I help you develop your people which will create a culture that you can be proud of.

I will  help you improve sales, productivity, organisation development, communication, and employee relations. 

People stuff matters. It needs to be done really well for it to make any difference.

We're dealing with people. People that look to you for encouragement, development, recognition and, perhaps, progression. Treat them well and they'll stay.

If they go, and some will, they'll always remember how you made them feel. That is something that you are not able to measure with "Big Data" but you can be confident that you'll always be recommended as a great place to work.

Donna Hewitson - International People Consultant

Years of experience: 20

Expertise: People, Hospitality, Retail, Operations.

BII National Innovation in Training Award - Professional Trainer of the Year, 2016

I didn’t choose the wonderful Industry of Hospitality that I have found myself in since the age of 15. I spent teenage years in Foster Care and left school with nothing so I got a job in a pub. 

I loved it. 

When I did turn of legal age, I headed to the High St in town to work in the “Big Bars”. WOW! I was blown away by the fun we had and I was being paid for this! This is crazy, right; who gets paid to have fun? It was a year before a manager tapped me on the shoulder and told me I was going on a course. How exciting….so many questions I had; what was the course? why was I picked to go on it? was I not any good at my job that I needed training? Turns out it was a Team Leader Development workshop and when I returned I was made Supervisor. How proud I was. I had my little star to prove that I was good at my job. I still have that star. It reminds me that someone took a chance on me when many thought differently.

The years moved on and I developed quickly. On-job projects, off-job workshops, reliefs; training became a way of life. My first Manager role still had me doubting myself but here I was running one of the busiest pubs in the area. The Head of HR approached me the following year and asked if I would like to go on secondment to the Training Team in Head Office and roll out the latest brand across the country. I’d have snapped their hand off for that chance. The life of a pre-opening trainer began. 

Life in a people focussed role was for me. I missed Ops but I’d found my calling. The training and development continued, I moved Company and the progression ramped up; Training Manager, Head of L&D, Group HR Manager, Brand HR and Director of People. And still not one qualification to my name.

One day someone mentioned the CIPD – “the who?” was my response. Rather than go back “to school”, I undertook an Experience Assessment to map over my knowledge to the Professional Standard. OMG, I actually did know what I was talking about (there was me thinking I’d winged it all these years) and CIPD status was approved.

Based on all of my experiences, I created People Stuff Matters to help individuals and organisations realise their potential. To do all of the people stuff well. It matters! 


Big on Social, I will coach you through setting up and interacting with both your team and customers using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Mailchimp and Survey Monkey.       

My Vision


Ranging from creation of contracts, design and development of learning solutions, embed apprenticeships through to organisational development support, including the use of Predictive Index profiling, and accreditation processes such as Investors in People, People 1st, BIIAB and City & Guilds.

People Plans

Running a business is easy.

To develop and grow a successful business that attracts the very best people, and retains them, can be a challenge. I will work with you to develop a world class people plan.

Fun. Not fluffy. Definitely no management speak.



Finding and hiring the very best people will be key to your success. I will simplify and develop an approach that you can count on.       

Learning & Development

I will identify your training needs then create and deliver a tailored solution that is right for your people and your business.       

My Strengths


Maybe you would like me to work on a project, deal with an employment issue or harmonise a contract. Perhaps you are looking to retain me for the year or want me to train your current people team. The options are endless. Rest assured, I am able to help.