Ask my clients their reasons for choosing me and you’re likely to get many different answers:

  • Not your "typical HR"
  • Solid understanding of operations
  • Really cares about people. Not all about process or policy.
  • Didn't just do it for us but helped us understand.

There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; I deliver outstanding results. Fast. And sustainably.

People Matter

You'll notice that I choose not to use the term "Human Resources". I see people as individuals and passionately believe that they should be treated as such. Not as robots. Not as assets. Definitely not as resources. 

I will help to develop your people culture.

I will support the development of your career path. I will attract, hire, profile and select the very best people to join your team. I will facilitate your learning and development. I will manage your employee relations. ​

People Stuff Matters. It needs to be done well. And consistently.


​​​​People Consultancy

I prefer People Consultancy to HR Consultancy. Does it make a difference? I believe so. Every business needs to attract, select, train and develop the very best people just to stay ahead. In order to be a world class employer it requires much more. 

When you add the day to day stuff; pay and benefits,  reward, communication and employee relations to the mix, it can become complex.

Fun, not fluffy, and definitely no management speak; If you believe in doing the right thing by your people, I am able to help.